Edgemesh Delivers Tier One Telecommunications Bandwidth at Below Wholesale Prices

Edgemesh adds 48 Points of Presence (PoPs) to the Smart Peer Network; Enables Telecommunications Companies to Monetize Excess Bandwidth though Partner Nodes

New York, NY — June 12, 2018 — Edgemesh, the Smart Peering pioneer that is decentralizing the Internet, has today announced it is delivering tier one telecommunications bandwidth to market at below wholesale prices, by introducing Partner Nodes to the Edgemesh 2.0 Smart Peer network. The announcement is a significant milestone for any organization using the internet, as it marks the first time telecommunications companies can easily monetize excess tier one bandwidth, making it available to Edgemesh clients of all sizes and eliminating the need to incur costs via a ‘middle man’ Content Delivery Network (CDN) model.

To date, Edgemesh has launched 48 new points of presence (PoPs) on its Smart Peer Network in locations across the U.S., EU and South East Asia. The partnership allows Edgemesh customers to utilize high throughput and low latency capacity on the Smart Peer network, at a globally flat price of USD $0.01/GB, a 5–10x lower cost than traditional Content Delivery Networks and an 8–25x savings over cloud based delivery. This new backbone capacity adds a maximum capacity of 12 Terabytes per second (Tbps) across 8 new telecom routes including Level3, Cogent, Tata Communications, GTT, NTT, Core Backbone and M247.

“Delivering content to users traditionally required deploying large scale, distributed servers to datacenters around the globe. With demand for content outpacing improvements to the content delivery network model, the cost of bandwidth to meet these needs has continued to skyrocket. That’s just one reason we established Edgemesh, which uses Smart Peering to extend the delivery network to the final edge, the devices themselves,” says Jacob Loveless, CEO, Edgemesh. “Some customers however, need even more global backbone, but until now have had only high cost options for adding it. Edgemesh Partner Nodes have changed that. It’s a win win for telecoms and for customers — allowing telecom partners a direct path to add CDN based revenue and customers direct access to wholesale backbone bandwidth.”

With Partner Nodes, registered telecom providers can join the Edgemesh platform through a convenient self-service portal. Partner Nodes require no infrastructure changes or complicated route modifications and partners can simply run the Edgemesh Supernode application on any existing server or network device inside their network. Edgemesh customers can choose to add this Tier One capacity, paying only for the data that they use with a single click — dramatically simplifying the process of adding high performance capacity. Telecommunication providers can start/stop and reconfigure Partner Nodes on demand as they self-bootstrap and join or remove themselves from the network without any additional configuration.

Edgemesh 2.0 is currently in use across more than 200 content providers and 8,000 networks and is enabled with a single line of code. To sign up visit www.edgemesh.com.

About Edgemesh

Edgemesh is decentralizing the Internet by making content delivery fast, diversified and low cost using Smart Peering. Smart Peering is a secure and proven method that disseminates content via nearby peer networks, to significantly reduce bandwidth costs and enhance customer experience. Edgemesh accelerates web performance and enables companies to improve latency, and overcome the critical legacy challenges of the Internet including how to scale to support billions of interconnected devices. By exchanging content directly between users, Edgemesh has proven to dramatically cut page load time up to 10x, decrease bandwidth fees up to 90% and enable businesses to seamlessly distribute their content globally, all with no necessary infrastructure changes and a single line of code. Edgemesh was launched in 2017 and is headquartered in New York, NY.

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